Fortnite Boogie Bomb Nerf Being Considered by Epic Games

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Following its recent implementation into the game, Fortnite‘s “Boogie Bomb” grenade has already been causing frustration for a lot of players. The Boogie Bomb causes enemies to start dancing, unable to fire their weapon. Hilarious to use, but not so funny to get hit by.

Epic Games has heard the complaints from the community and is considering nerfing the Boogie Bomb. The developer has a short-term plan ready for action — decreasing the bomb’s duration to five seconds — but long-term solutions are still being debated.

Here’s what the developer has come up with thus far:

Moving forward we have a few ideas to address the core issue: the person being attacked by a Boogie Bomb needs an opportunity to respond. There are a number of suggestions we’ll be evaluating, including (but not limited to):

– Remove the instant explosion, making it bounce and detonate like a normal grenade

– Have it create a ‘dance zone’, where the effect goes away if you leave the area

– Disable the dance effect when taking damage

– Allow players to build while dancing

What do you think of the Boogie Bomb? Does it need tweaking?

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