Fortnite John Wick Event Details Leaked by Dataminers

Fortnite John Wick event details leaked

Fortnite’s collaborations are becoming quite common. However, one of the most anticipated collaborations is the widely rumored John Wick cross over. Thanks to some dataminers, this Fortnite John Wick event might actually be coming sooner than anybody expected. In fact, the event might be coming to us in a matter of days.

The Fortnite v9.01 patch brought some new leaked information with itself. A John Wick skin, Limited Time Mode Details, and Challenges were discovered for the upcoming cross over event. The John Wick skin features the suit which has been modeled after the original John Wick character. Dataminer Lucas7Yoshi also found the damaged variant of the skin in the game files.

Not only that, but a John Wick Glider and Wrap were also found in the game’s files. However, there isn’t any sort of visual reference. Additionally, Lucas7Yoshi also provided Wick’s Bounty Challenges that are going to be part of the LTM. You can take a look below and see them for yourself:

Furthermore, another leaker has also stated that another John Wick character will be coming during this supposed event. According to HYPEX, the new outfit is actually inspired by Sofia, another prominent John Wick character.

Finally, some dataminers are expecting to see some changes to Fortnite’s maps. In other words, we might see some buildings themed after John Wick as part of the collaboration. Since John Wick’s third film releases this week, maybe Epic Games will release more information about the Fortnite John Wick event pretty soon.

As for now, we will continue to suggest to take these leaks with a grain of salt. While they look pretty convincing, nothing has been announced by Epic Games as of yet. However, an announcement for the event might come to gamers very soon. Of course, we cannot forget about the recent problem with cheaters in the competitive scene.

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