Fortnite Master Lets Players Track Their Stats, Match History & More

Fortnite Master

Fortnite Master is a website that allows users to track Fortnite player stats. All it requires is an Epic Games username (the player in-game name) and all available stats will appear on the screen. For example, when I search “Ninja”, I can see that he (at time of posting) has 2,158 wins under his belt, and a 10.74 KD.

The Fortnite Master site also shows match history, with records of up to a month ago.

Heading to the Fortnite Master home menu will present you with a list of the Top Popular Streamers, the Highest K/D Ratio, and Highest Win Rate. This enables you to quickly check on just how great the top players are, and what kind of stats your favorite personality boasts.

You can check out Fortnite Master here.

In other Fortnite news, the game’s April Fool’s Day event was subtle yet fun, there’s a Boogie Down contest that rewards players with their own custom in-game emote, and a new Battle Royale vending machine item has been spotted.

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