Fortnite Update 2.51 Released, Here’s What’s in v11.31.1

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While Epic Games released a rather medium sized Fortnite patch yesterday, the sstudio has released Fortnite update 2.51 on all platforms (PC, consoles and mobile)! This one is called the Fortnite v11.31.1 patch, or what console players will see as Fortnite update 2.51. Clocking in at just 300MB, check out what it’s for below.

Fortnite update 2.51 changes:

Given this is unannounced patch, don’t expect any new content, but rather this is for stability and fixes.

We’ve released patch v11.31.1 on PC and Android to address stability and other issues. A download is required. v11.31.1 will also be released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Mac, and iOS. We will update you as it comes to these platforms.

And that’s basically it. Again, don’t expect any new content in this patch. There is the Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker crossover event still happening, so make sure to partake in that.

Did you notice any changes from this Fortnite update other than bug fixes and matchmaking tweaks? If so, let us know down in the comments. We’ll be checking online to see if there’s any official patch notes or undocumented changes, and we’ll update the post if we find any.