Fortnite Update Fixes “Prevalent Crash Affecting All Players”

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A new Fortnite update has been rolled out across all platforms to help fix a “prevalent crash affecting all players.” This update has been implemented without any downtime. All players have to do is reset their client to allow the new fixes to be applied.

Over on the Fortnite forums, [EPIC] S-LG provided further information:

We will be pushing an update @ 2:00am ET, Oct 28 in order to fix a prevalent crash affecting all players.

This update will be deployed for PC + PS4 at 2:00am ET with Xbox following shortly after. There will be no downtime. Players will need to update their clients.

With how common this problem appears to be, it’s good to see the Fortnite team committed to getting a fix out as soon as possible.

In other Fortnite news, update 1.8 is now live and brings big changes to the game, the Halloween event is bringing a new zone and other spooky scenarios, and an incoming Fortnite Battle Royale update will focus on weapon accuracy. 

Source: Epic Games (Official)