Fortnite Update Fixes Underground Map Exploit, Epic Games to “Take Appropriate Action” Against Cheaters

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The latest Fortnite update has one purpose: to fix the underground map exploit. Known as the “Fatal Fields Glitch,” this flaw allowed players to fall below the map. While underneath the map, players enjoyed invulnerability, and could still see and shoot at enemies.

Thankfully, this should now be fixed, with Epic Games tweeting:

Success! The underground map exploit has been fixed and all wormholes leading to the underworld have been removed. For players who were reported, we are looking at each case and our own analytics and we’ll take appropriate action. Get out there and have some fun in the sun!

Epic Games will be taking “appropriate action” against those who exploited the game.

This quick fix precedes the upcoming larger update, which will introduce a new city to the game, biome improvements, and more.

In other Fortnite news, Epic Games is blaming the CPU “Meltdown” flaw for the game’s downtime, the developer has acknowledged that some players are having trouble logging into their account, and the previous patch introduced a new pistol.

Source: Fortnite (Twitter)