Fortnite Update Pushed Out for the Second Time Today for Stability Fixes, Squads Disabled

fortnite patch

In the second time within a 24-hour period, Epic Games has rolled out another Fortnite update to stabilize the game. Checking the Fortnite Twitter, the studio has clearly been working overtime today/tonight given the issues regarding matchmaking.

Fortnite community, we will be pushing a client update live in about an hour to improve overall stability.
This patch should be small, but players will need to close and update their clients. There will be no downtime.This update is for all platforms.

For now, Squads will be disabled temporarily, and players should no longer be experiencing matchmaking issues.

If you’re still experiencing Fortnite matchmaking issues or crashes, let Epic Games know by mentioning the issue to the Fortnite Twitter account. Check out the game’s Halloween update that should be live right now.

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