Gamer Strategically Stacks Turkish PlayStation Plus Subscriptions up to 2050 to Circumvent Price Hike

playstation plus game catalog february 2023

Sony sneakily announced an increase in the price of yearly ‘PlayStation Plus’ subscription along with the PS Plus titles for the month of September, 2023. The new price was set to go live on September 6, 2023, but one of the gamers decided to that they are not going to pay at the increased rates and took matters into their own hands. They subscribed to the Turkish PlayStation Plus subscription for 27 years up until 2050.

Note that the Turkish PSN Store offers significantly lower prices compared to other regions. In many places where people are unable to afford their native version, they opt for the Turkish one, and this applies to both games and it seems, PlayStation Plus subscriptions too.

If you compare it with the US, the price difference was quite substantial. You had to pay $60 for the most basic version called PS Essential, $100 for PS Extra, and $120 for PS Premium. On a Turkish account, you only needed to pay 240TL for PS Essential, which rounds up to about $9, PS Extra for 400TL ($15) and PS Premium or Deluxe for 460TL ($17). So, it was indeed smart of this individual to choose the most affordable option available and take advantage. Now, they won’t have to worry about paying for online multiplayer, cloud storage or monthly free games.

Turkish PlayStation Plus

While 27 years is a considerable stretch and carries its fair share of uncertainties, it remains unclear whether PS Plus will persist in its current form or even exist at all in the distant future.

However, the gamer in question is not worried about the unknown; they simply want to ensure that everything is set and ready to go for the next few generations of PlayStation.

Do you think subscribing to Turkish PlayStation Plus up to 2050 was the right decision? Share your opinions in the comments below!

Source: Reddit

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13 days ago

Exactly what i was thinking, will PSN and/or PS plus exist in 27 years. I know memberships stack, but i usually just wait until i see a decent discount on the yearly membership.

12 days ago

I think subscribing to PS Plus at all is a stupid decision. Just think Free online gaming is a PC exclusive feature. Good god. The shit people accept on consoles is insane.

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