Ghost Recon Breakpoint Roadmap for Year 1 Revealed, Watch the Live-Action Trailer

ghost recon breakpoint roadmap

Excited for Ghost Recon Breakpoint? Are you assuming it’ll have the usual Ubisoft post-launch support? If so, you’ll be glad to know that you’re right! In a press release, Ubisoft has outlined the Ghost Recon Breakpoint roadmap for Year 1!

But before diving into that, go watch this new live-action trailer featuring Jon Bernthal (The Walking Dead, Netflix’s The Punisher):

As for the Ghost Recon Breakpoint Year 1 roadmap details, it’ll start with the launch of Operation Greenstone, followed by Episode 2, and 3, which will be released every four months. Each Episode will, according to Ubisoft, offer “hours” of new content and support, including a New Adventure, New end-game content (raid and updates), Faction Missions, as well as PvP updates and regular new content.

  • New Adventures: New story-driven content that expands the main story of the game will be available with each episode.
  • New End-Game Content: Every Episode will bring new End-Game content. Episode 1 brings the Project Titan Raid. Players will explore an active volcano on a new island in the Auroa archipelago where they need to use all the skills learned on Auroa in intense four-play co-op challenges. The Raid is replayable and adaptable for all play styles.
  • New Faction Missions: Factions in the game will evolve over time and every month, new narrative Story Faction Missions will be released, bringing context as well as character development. New Faction Missions will be available daily and will provide objectives to support the factions and their narrative arcs.
  • New Classes: Three new classes will be introduced in Year 1, starting with the Engineer which brings an expertise in hacking.
  • Live Events: These events will feature VIPs that will help Nomad tackle new, terrible threats.  A new Event will be available with each Year 1 Episode and lasts one month.
  • PvP Updates: In addition to the three new classes coming Year 1, which will be fully playable in PvP, new maps and updates will keep Ghost War players on their toes.
  • Regular New Content: New content such as new missions, activities and unlockables will be available with each new episode.

If you played Ubisoft’s other games like The Division 2, Rainbow Six Siege and the like, then you’d know that the publisher supports its games a ton post-launch. It seems this trend will continue with Breakpoint once it releases this October 4.

For more on Breakpoint, read up on its PvP mode here, and don’t forget to check out this weird animated trailer showing us some of the shooter’s new features.

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