Ghost Recon Future Solder Beta Release Times, No Level or Equipment Unlock Cap

The Ghost Recon Future Soldier beta is just around the corner as Ubisoft is set for release tomorrow, April 19th. We’ve got a list of times you can expect the beta to go live as well as some interesting details about the Beta itself.

You might be interested to know that the GRFS Beta will not enforce a level cap on players, as Daily Joypad has learned at a recent preview event. This means players will be able to reach all the way up to level 50 if they so desire and if they put the time in. The beta will stay live as long as players want it to. Additionally, all unlocks will be available as well. Still, only two maps will be playable, however. Players should also note that their unlocks and rank will not carry over into the full game.

Update: the recently released multiplayer beta guide states the beta will end May 2nd.

To get a quick taste of what you can expect in the GRFS beta, check out this multiplayer video walkthrough.

Players can expect the beta to go live in various places at the following times, according to GRFS’s Facebook page:

  • 10:00am EDT
  • 2:00pm GMT
  • 4:00pm Paris

Make sure to read up on how North American players can access the beta.

Will you be joining the Ghost Recon Future Soldier Beta tomorrow?

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