Ghost Recon Future Soldier April 30th Multiplayer Beta PS3 Update

A few days ago, the Xbox 360 version of the Ghost Recon Future Soldier beta was updated with a hefty number of tweaks and improvements.

Today, PS3 users are treated to the same, according to the Ubisoft forums. Here’s a quick recap of the improvements that were included in this 15MB update:

Riflemen Rebalance:

  • Increased minimum recoil for the ACR and AK200 to align them more closely with the other assault rifles.
  • Reduced maximum assault rifle damage range, making the sniper rifle more valuable.
  • Increased minimum damage of SMGS, making them more effective against all classes at further ranges.
  • Dramatically reduced the radius of the heartbeat sensor.

Additional Weapon Changes:

  • Reduced the dispersion to make handguns generally more effective, especially for the bomb carrier.
  • Adjusted shotgun effectiveness.

Additional Equipment Changes:

  • Adjusted Flash Bang Duration.
  • Adjusted Flash Bulb reload time.
  • Adjusted EMP air burst radius for EMPs launched by a underbarrel or standalone grenade launcher.
  • Adjusted the amount of UAV’s in match.
  • Increased the duration of the Sensor to make them more susceptible to countering.

Grenades power deduction:

  • Reduced the grenade blast kill-radius.
  • Grenade fuse timer increased slightly

Matchmaking Changes:

  • PartySize for public matchmaking increased to 6 (was 4)

Progression System:

  • Adjusted XP values for Confidence & Hack Objective.
  • Doubled base XP gain to accelerate progression during the beta.
Thanks, CourtRoomGaming, for the tip!
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