Ghost Recon Future Soldier Confirmed for PC But Delayed Again, Beta Date Revealed

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You may remember Ubisoft originally announcing that Ghost Recon Future Soldier would only make it to the PC in the form of their free-to-play equivalent, Ghost Recon Online, mainly due to concerns of piracy. Basically, ‘if gamers are going to pirate it for free, might as well give it to them for free’ was Ubisoft’s line of thinking. Of course this would mean only utilizing a limited amount of resources for PC’s F2P version since it wouldn’t be seeing much of a profit. However, according to Game Trailers, It seems Ubisoft has had a change of heart as they recently announced that Ghost Recon Future Soldier would finally be making it to PC as well, although at a later date then consoles.

Speaking of a later date, it seems that GRFS will be delayed further into the year, seeing a May release. May 22nd, to be exact. Also recently dated was the Beta for consoles which will be available some time in April. Again, the PC beta will be available at a later date. Make sure to stay tuned to MP1st for more details as they become available.

Are you going to be picking up Ghost Recon Future Soldier this May?

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