Ghost Recon Wildlands Loot Boxes Are Coming, Ubisoft Says System Is “Fair to All Players”

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Ubisoft has revealed that Ghost Recon Wildlands loot boxes are going to be a thing. Considering the recent controversies surrounding paid-for loot drops, this is a pretty brave move.

In what is clearly an attempt to nip any negativity in the bud (yeah, right!), Ubisoft has released a Q&A to help explain what the loot boxes contain, and how fair they are to the community.

How to get Battle Crates

All players will receive a gifted Spec Ops Crate and a gifted Ghost War Crate, which are redeemable on the Ubisoft Club. Battle Crates can then be purchased from the Store for 400 Store Credits, with each Battle Crate containing three items that you do not already own.

Battle Crates Content

Battle Crate is the name of a collection of crates specifically designed for the Campaign and co-op mode (Spec Ops Crate) as well as for the Ghost War mode (Ghost War Crate). Spec Ops Crates contain Epic Weapons, Exotic Weapons, Vehicles and tons of cosmetic items for you to enjoy even more in the whole Campaign mode.

Ghost War Crates contain Exotic Weapons (re-skinned versions of weapons already available in the game – no impact on the weapon stats), customization items and an exclusive new line of skins for your character, called Icons.

Overall, all the cosmetic items you get can be used in both the Campaign and Ghost War modes. More than 200 items are available through the Battle Crates experience. All the items are also purchasable in the store through the various pack offers, except for the Icon skins that are exclusive to the Ghost War Crates.

You can consult the list of all the items you can obtain on a dedicated page on the Ghost Recon Network.

Duplicate management

There are no duplicates in the Battle Crate system. You will only get items you do not already own.

Item Rarity

All the items available from the Battle Crates have various levels of rarity, affecting their chance of dropping with each Crate:

– Rare

– Epic

– Legendary

These “Battle Crates” will be added in the next update, named “Extended Ops,” which is expected to land sometime this month.

What do you make of the Ghost Recon Wildlands loot boxes? Will they ruin the game? Or is this loot boxes done right? Let us know.

Source: Ubisoft

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