God of War: Ascension Beta Open For Everyone With Special Code, Ends This Monday

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Here’s some good news for those who don’t have PS+ and haven’t been selected for the God of War: Ascension Beta. Sony has opened the beta up for all users to download, only with a special access code.

The code below has infinite use, so you don’t have to worry about someone snagging it away.

F2TA – HMNB – 762G

To redeem the code just follow the steps below:

  1. Log online and click PlayStation Store
  2. Lower left-hand side of the main menu, click REDEEM CODES
  3. Enter in the code above and follow the download steps
  4. In your main XMB, under GAMES, select the Ascension Multiplayer Beta

And here’s the bad news: the Beta will be coming a close this Monday, January 21, Sony announced today.

“While our God of War: Ascension Multiplayer Beta was originally a PlayStation Plus Exclusive up until now, we have decided to open it to all SCEA PSN users (North & South America) until we shut the Beta down this Monday night at Midnight PST (Pacific Standard Time).”

All beta participates will receive an exclusive Champions Blade and Armor DLC, that will be e-mailed out at launch.


Here’s a new Single-player trailer too, as we know how much you all have waited to see more.

Make sure to read up on our beta impressions if you haven’t yet. For those who have been playing these past months, what are your thoughts?