God of War: Ascension Multiplayer Announced, First Details

After being rumored for nearly a year now, one of Playstation’s most beloved franchise, God of War, is making into the competitive world of online gaming.

Today, Sony Enterntainment and Santa Monica announced that God of War: Ascension would feature full, 8-player competitive online multiplayer modes. The game will be heavily focused on team interaction, so seeing players gang up on another isn’t something out of the usual.  So far only one mode has been confirmed, which is domination. In this mode, you and three other players face off against four more players over control of two points located on the map. The goal is obviously to capture these points and once finished, you’ll proceed to finishing the match by killing the giant Cyclops.

Eurogamer has confirmed that the game will feature classes along with unlocks. At first, your going to start out with selecting one of the four gods; Zeus, Poseidon, Hades or Ares. Depending on which path you select, you’ll unlock different abilities and weapons. While details on classes are still scarce, expect some of them to be based on strength, magic and healing.

Also confirmed is that the combat system is built the same way as it has always been in the God of War series. Expect the same combos and attacks to transition into multiplayer. Whether you level up with red orbs is still currently unknown, but it’s more than likely.

I will touch just a tiny bit on single player for those who have concerns, since this is the first God of War title to feature multiplayer. During the live stream event, it was confirmed that it will still be their “bread and butter” and in no way will multiplayer affect the quality of the single player. With God of War 3, the team brought scale by introducing the titans. With Ascension, they wanted to do something new and that was to introduce multiplayer. By doing so, they want to show the world their take on multiplayer and how they can put a spin on the mode. Don’t expect the multiplayer to be “tacked on” either as that is something that the team does not want to do.

 Are you excited about God of War going multiplayer? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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