Grand Theft Auto Online Gets Spend Boost Thanks to Casino Gaming

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As 2019 begins to draw to a close, it is getting to that time when many experts will be reflecting on the big hits which have emerged in the world of video gaming across the past 12 months. However, it could be argued that one of the biggest was not even a full game.

The Diamond Casino & Resort may have been released simply as an update for Grand Theft Auto Online, but it has gone on to become a major success in its own right. While player figures had already hinted at the update’s huge popularity, new information has now put a spotlight on how the update has been a financial success for the team behind it too.

Eagerly anticipated launch

There had been speculation for some time around the possibility of a casino opening in Vinewood in GTA Online and gamers finally got their wish when details of Diamond Casino & Resort emerged earlier this year.

Launched in July, it featured an all-new storyline related to protecting the site from a hostile takeover by a ruthless Texan family. In addition, it included a host of other impressive features, with players, of course, getting the opportunity to try their hand at casino classics like roulette, blackjack, slot machines and three-card poker. Players are even able to explore other aspects of the resort too, including environments like the Master Penthouse and membership schemes which come with a range of perks.

The Hollywood Reporter confirmed in August that the update delivered the biggest single day and week in player numbers since GTA Online was launched, while reports have now revealed that Take-Two Interactive also saw a 23 per cent increase in recurrent consumer spending following the release of the casino offering.

Casino gaming’s enduring popularity

The success of the update is undoubtedly a fascinating development, as it highlights how there is a continued interest in the GTA Online world six years on from the original launch of GTA V. Furthermore, it also puts a spotlight on the popularity of casino gaming in general in the 21st century.

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Such gaming was once seen as a strictly offline pursuit, but the concept has enjoyed a real renaissance in recent years thanks to online services. A host of sites offer a range of games from slots to card classics and the area is now so competitive that each of them have promotions designed to entice new players. You can read these reviews before playing to get a sense of what we are talking about.

GTA Online appears to have built on the enduring popularity of such games and, with Borderlands 3 also embracing gambling themes with its new Moxxi’s Heist of the Handsome Jackpot update, it looks like we could see more casino-style experiences in gaming across the coming months and years.

A big future ahead

So, when we look back on the biggest gaming successes of 2019, it may well be that the Diamond Casino & Resort update has to be considered among them.

The update has clearly breathed new life into GTA Online in general, while it seems to have hinted at how casinos could have a big future in video gaming going forward too.


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