GTA Online Ban Wave Hits Innocent Players, Rockstar Has Yet to Respond

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Following a recent game update, a GTA Online ban wave has caused many innocent players to have their access restricted, without the opportunity to appeal. As you might imagine, many of these players have hundreds and hundreds of hours invested into the online component. The ban is only for 30 days, but still, Rockstar punishing the innocent isn’t a great thing.

It’s unclear why the GTA Online ban wave happened, with the game’s Reddit community speculating many different causes. Rockstar Games has yet to acknowledge the bans, and so players are stuck.

The GTA 5 Steam page has been hit with many negative reviews, causing the overall rating to fall down to “Mixed.”

Hopefully we’ll get an update from Rockstar Games soon. I think these players deserve an explanation and some significant compensation.

In other GTA news, GTA 5 recently topped the UK charts again, four years after its initial release. What’s more, the GTA Online community set a new record.

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