‘Hardest’ Battlefield 3 Easter Egg Finally Discovered By YouTube Personality

Back in April, last year, we reported on an a near-impossible-to-find Battlefield 3 easter egg that was hinted at by now ex-DICE voice-over designer, Thomas Danko.

Despite the handful of clues that Danko included in his tweets, which you can read in the previously linked article above, no Battlefield 3 player has successfully discovered the easter egg, or has at least successfully documented it, as of yet.

Leaving no mystery unsolved, YouTube personality JackFrags recently did a bit of detective work in order to get to the bottom of things and to find out what exactly lies hidden within Battlefield 3’s deepest, darkest secrets. We’ll leave it to him to explains the steps he took to solve the case and to finally reveal the enigmatic Battlefield 3 easter egg in his video below:

[youtube id=”kU0G62Osgyk” width=”618″ height=”378″]

Pretty cool, right? Was it what you expected?

Thanks for sending this one our way, JackFrags.

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