Here’s a Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Main Menu First Look, Combat Training Only Accessible Mode

modern warfare main menu

Earlier today, we posted that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare early copies are already making their way out before the game’s October 25 release date. Not only that, but some people even managed to bypass the day one update that prevented the game from loading to post the Modern Warfare main menu, and even the only playable mode available now.

Thanks to reliable TheGamingRevolution who shared the screens (even though he admits they’re not his).

Modern Warfare main menu:

For those who aren’t connected to the internet, it seems you’ll be able to load the Modern Warfare disc without being prompted to download a patch, which means you can go past the title screen. Having said that, the only mode currently available now is the Combat Training mode, which teaches the basics.

Of course, being able to test out weapons in Combat Training is still better than having no access at all.

Given how each year’s Call of Duty game gets leaked, this is definitely not a surprise. Hopefully, no one spoils or leaks the campaign, but I wouldn’t be surprised if someone finds a way to do that too.

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