Here’s the Known Anthem Enemies and How They’re Classified

anthem enemies

If you’ve been keeping tabs on Anthem, you’ve no doubt seen some of the enemies players will need to dispose of in order to complete missions, and various other objectives. Curious what the Anthem enemies that are known so far? Thankfully, Reddit user Superfluous999 has took it upon himself to round up all the known Anthem enemies, and how they’re classified.

Note that this is not the complete Anthem enemies list, but rather, just the ones we’ve seen from the developer livestreams, gameplay trailers, and the like.


  • Basic (various types w/ different weaponry, i.e. Gunner, Shotgunner, Rocket Trooper, there may be more)
  • Outlaw Lancer (Javelin-like suit)
  • Outlaw Elementalist (Storm-like suit)


  • Basic (various types w/ different weaponry, i.e. Shocktroopers)
  • Frost Brutes (brutes w/ modern weaponry attached to their backs)
  • Valkyries (Storm-like suit)
  • Frost Hounds (may be Wolven that are tamed/controlled)
  • Furies (I suspect there could be a non-Dominion controlled version but haven’t seen it)


  • Basic (various types w/ different weaponry, like Scrappers, Destroyers)
  • Hunters/Scouts (shielded types w/ special weaponry & attacks)
  • Luminary (robot spider-thing)
  • Enforcer (shield enemy w/ flamethrower)
  • Turrets


  • Brutes (long armed, troll-like monster)
  • Ursix (huge gorilla-like monster)
  • Wolven
  • Wyverns
  • Skorpions (digesters, workers, etc.)
  • Spiders (…ewww)
  • Tesilars (creatures with electricity tendrils on their backs)
  • Korox (large herd animals)
  • Anrisaur (crustacean-like animal, hard carapace armor)

Supernatural (for lack of a better category name):

  • Titans
  • Elementals (various types, seemingly summoned by shaper relics and titans)


  • Swarm Tyrant

Just to add further legitimacy to the list, BioWare Development Manager Camden Eagar acknowledged the list, and even shared how they’re classified.

I probably have the nomenclature wrong, but it looks like enemies have a three-part classification that defines its “species” (for lack of a better word), its type, and its rank.

For example: Skorpion – Elite Worker

Where Skorpion is the species, Worker is the type, and Elite is the rank. Correct?

BioWare: There may be exceptions to this rule but generally yeah this is correct. We want to convey rank, faction, and creature type so you’ve got the information you need before engaging. In most cases I think it is usually Rank -> Species/Faction -> Type.

In other Anthem news, we’re just a few days away from the VIP demo going live, and here’s how to redeem the code if you’rt part of the early access group. We’ve also posted an early look at Anthem’s map, and even a damage chart showcasing each javelin’s abilities.

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