How to Play Battlefield 3 Without a HUD and How “Skill” is Calculated

Ever wondered how to play Battlefield 3 without a HUD or wondered how your “skill” level was calculated? Keep reading to find out!

Reddit user Ruskia walks Battlefield 3 PC fans through the process of playing with out a HUD (Heads Up Display). You may have noticed some recent Battlefield 3 videos like this one showing off the beauty of Battlefield 3 without a HUD. Quite simply, one must press the tilde key (~) to open the console in-game and type in “ui.drawenable false” in order to receive the desired effect. To return it to default, simply replace “false” with “true”.

Now, this isn’t a way to actually record your gameplay. For that, you will still need some sort of recording device. DICE has yet to say any word on a “battlerecorder” or anything of the like, but we’ll make sure to keep you updated.

Many players have been wondering how exactly their “skill” is calculated in Battlefield 3. For those who don’t know, your “skill” is used to help match you up with other players at the same level during matchmaking. DICE has stated that “skill” is “a combination of KDR [kill/death ratio], time played, SPM [score per minute], wins, and several other things.” While not too specific, it should give a better idea of how it is calculated.

Update: An alternate explanation to “skill” level can be found on the Battlelog. Thanks to Raz.

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