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Battlefield 3 Patch in February, DICE Looking Into Squad Stability and Other Bugs News 95

News 95 We finally have word of another Battlefield 3 patch on the way. While there are no official details available yet, we do have word of DICE looking into a number of bugs and issues. Many fans are reporting troubles playing with friends in Battlefield 3. The most common issue many of you may have already […]

How to Play Battlefield 3 Without a HUD and How “Skill” is Calculated News 5

News 5 Ever wondered how to play Battlefield 3 without a HUD or wondered how your “skill” level was calculated? Keep reading to find out! Reddit user Ruskia walks Battlefield 3 PC fans through the process of playing with out a HUD (Heads Up Display). You may have noticed some recent Battlefield 3 videos like this one showing off […]