Infinity Ward Plans On Releasing Raw Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Gameplay

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While last week’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare multiplayer gameplay reveal gave us over an hour of footage, it was all via the Twitch influencers’ perspectives, which meant there were a lot of screaming, and loud trash talking, which a lot of people didn’t particularly like.

Over on the Modern Warfare subreddit, a poster asked whether we’d see raw 2v2 Modern Warfare gameplay, and someone at Infinity Ward said that while they can’t given an ETA, they are working on something.

Can’t give an ETA at the moment, but we’ve got something in the works.

Hopefully, we get that soon, and before the August 1 multiplayer reveal.

In other Modern Warfare news, we posted about a new report regarding the game’s alleged battle royale mode. Make sure to check out this early look at the gun attachments screen as well.

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