Rumor: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Battle Royale Info and Spec Ops Details, PvPvE Modes Mentioned

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Remember when we posted that rumor about Call of Duty: Modern Warfare getting a battle royale mode? While nothing has been confirmed (or debunked), given the info we’ve gotten so far from TheGamingRevolution has proven to be legit, we’re going to roll with it. This time, a ton of Modern Warfare battle royale info and Spec Ops details have been revealed!

Here’s the compiled info from TheGamingRevolution (via Reddit user WW2er):

Modern Warfare battle royale info:

  • – Around 3 months ago Raven software started developing Battle royale (The date might not be dead accurate since TGR’s info is not the most updated) IW are still overseeing the BR mode.
  • – Locations in BR are a combination of spec ops maps and old locations from previous MW games, like MP maps and Sp missions.
  • – The BR map is also used in spec ops to give a Semi open world experience.
  • – The BR map is ENORMOUS in scale, it has mountains that are towering over you, Giant cities, it is “Phenomenal nad its much larger on scale than blackout
  • – There is a f2p component in the game might be spec ops or BR.
  • – There is an armor system within spec ops similar to BR, and you are also able to earn special killstreaks by doing special objectives in CO-OP.
  • – TGR clarifies that the maps are actually not the exact same between spec ops and BR

Modern Warfare Spec Ops Info:

  • – Initially Infinity ward planned to have zombies mode for spec ops, but that idea was scrapped 1.5 years into development.
  • – there were around 10 spec ops maps made and 20 missions for each, a lot of missions are reused between maps.
  • – Some mission will be saved for post launch updates, which suggests spec ops getting updates through the year.
  • – Spec ops mission will have the traditional difficulties, (recruit, regular etc..)
  • – You can select Spec ops missions from the menu or Go to the mission location on the open world map.
  • – Besides spec ops missions you also have different co op modes, like PvPvE 8v8 / 16v16, you will be fighting players and A.I’s.
  • – Right now there is no star system
  • – You play as the operators from Multiplayer in spec ops, they do not affect gameplay
  • – There are around 20 operators in the game, one is a OP similar to Putin but looks younger, And there is another operator played by Marshawn Lynch.
  • – In spec ops you have the option to play both sides of the conflict, Americans or Russians.
  • – Right now there is not much story in spec ops, Or the story assets are currently missing and will be added on later.
  • – There is likely going to be 20 mp maps on launch.
  • – Price is Involved in spec ops in some way, not a playable character.
  • – There was a PvPvZ (zombies) the mode was scrapped, might be added if IW plans a zombies event similar to WW2 and BO4. And even IW with Halloween scream.
  • – IW also reused the Zombies assets to build the 10 spec ops missions but scrapped that 10 months ago and replaced them with Normal AI’s and again this might come back in an update.
  • – The create a class system in spec ops is similar to MP. On top of the regular create a class, in spec ops you have ‘set classes’ These are not designated to specific OP’s, TGR doesnt have the full list but there are a lot of classes, one is a medic, It has auto revive box, its skill is “instant revive”. The tank class has a special issue which is a shielded turret and its skill is team armor, assault class, its special issue is a grenade launcher and its skill is infinite ammo for 5 seconds. Engineer has a special issue which is a recon drone and TGR’s source cant remember his skill. And finally there is another class that tgrs source couldnt remember the name of which his special issue is a Cruise missile which is a killstreak in MP but its a special issue in spec ops and he cant remember the skill.
  • – When you spawn in to the spec ops map its just like BR, you jump out of an AC 130 and parachute down to the destination.
  • – The different streaks are tied to the class you have chosen. and when you spawn in to a mission you can only use the streak once, after that you have to loot around the map to find another killstreaks.
  • – In spec ops you have to find boxes of ammo, armor and killstreaks within the open map, you cant replenish ammo another way. if you run out of equipment ammo armor etc… you have to find them in the open world map.
  • – If you kill a juggernaut with a mini gun in spec ops you can pick up that mini gun and use it as a 3rd weapon.
  • – There are rescue, escort, ac 130 missions and more.
  • – You can earn money in spec ops as well, the money carries over through all modes, MP, BR, SPEC OPS.

– “Gun bench: your gun is placed on a table and you have about 9 attachments to chose from, but can only chose 5. Weapon perk is bonus. Right now all guns can have any attachment and they aren’t limited to classes. This could change”

Same as before, none of the info above has been confirmed by Activision or Infinity Ward, and as such, should be taken with a grain of salt. Having said that, TGR has been quite reliable with the Modern Warfare leaks, so there is a good possibility that the majority (if not all) the info above is accurate.

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