Insurgency Goes Free To Play This Weekend on Steam, Hunt DLC Launches in Full

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Following the launch of Insurgency’s most recent game update and free “Hunt” DLC, developer New World Interactive is giving all curious FPS fans the chance to try out their brutally realistic PC military shooter this weekend on Steam for free.

You’ll be able to try it out on PC or Mac at no cost until this Monday, August 11, and if you find you like what NWI is puttin’ down, you can take advantage of the following sale and pick up Insurgency for $7.49, half off the original price.

At this time, the full offering of Insurgency’s new Hunt DLC is available in the game’s latest free update. Here’s what it offers:

  • New Hunt game mode (cooperative) where you must eliminate all enemies and caches in the area. This game mode requires extreme stealth and coordination as you only have one life.
  • New statistic tracking framework
  • New Main Menu UI with Development News and Steam Friends List
  • New multiplayer maps: Panj and Uprising
  • New cooperative maps designed specifically for the Hunt game mode include: District, Heights, Ministry, Panj, Uprising  and Contact
  • Updated multiplayer map: Market
  • Added underbarrel grenade and smoke launchers: M-203 for Security and GP-25 for Insurgents
  • Added non-zoom red dot optic for Security team
  • New first person weapon collision system
  • Overhauled visual FX

Check out the latest gameplay trailer in addition to some brand new stills below: