Killing Floor 2 Xbox One X 4K Update Now Available, Also Increases Frame-Rate

Another game has been added to the most powerful console’s compatibility roster. Killing Floor 2 Xbox One X support is now available, thanks to the latest update. 

Xbox One X enhancements include native 1800p resolution upscaling to 2160p, higher resolution textures and materials, higher resolution shadow maps, and more. It also adds an “increased frame rate,” though no specific boost is mentioned. 

Here’s the full list of patch notes:

We are pleased to announce that Killing Floor 2 for Xbox One is updating to support the new Xbox One X and includes enhancements for 4k support, increased resolution (1800p upscaled to 4k), increased performance, high resolution textures, shadow maps and increased shadow-fade-out distance.! This update also comes along with several fixes for all Xbox fans. The full changelog can be found below:


Xbox One X Enhanced Support
Ultra High Definition Support : native 1800p resolution upscaled to 2160p
Higher resolution textures and materials
Higher resolution shadow maps
Increased shadow fade-out distance
Increased frame rate

Bug Fixes

Fix for repeating Weekly Outbreak dosh rewards
Fix for description text on Emote Crate | Series #1 &#2
Fixes for Dosh Vault Crates not being granted in all instances

If you’ve got an Xbox One X, and also own Killing Floor 2, be sure to take a look at the upgraded visuals!

In other updates news, a new Minecraft patch adds new skins to the game, the Overwatch Xbox One X 4K patch is being worked on, and an upcoming World of Warcraft update will “slow down damage in World PvP.” 

Source: Tripwire Interaction (Official)

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