Upcoming World of Warcraft Hotfix Will “Slow Down Damage in World PvP”

A new hotfix is due to roll out this week for World of Warcraft, which will implement a slower damage rate in world PvP. This update will see “Cold Heart” deal 75% less damage to enemies, “Draught of Souls” deal 70% lower damage, and more.

For the full list of changes being made, see below:

With this week’s maintenance, we’ll be applying some hotfixes intended to slow down damage in world PvP:

  • Non-tank specializations now take 40% less damage from enemy players while engaged in world PvP
  • We have reduced the PvP effectiveness of a number of trinkets and Legion Legendaries that contributed to excessive burst damage:
    • Draught of Souls now deals 70% less damage to enemy players
    • Cold Heart now deals 75% less damage to enemy players
    • Kil’Jaeden’s Burning Wish now deals 60% less damage to enemy players
    • Insignia of Ravenholdt now deals 50% less damage to enemy players
    • Pillars of Inmost Light now increase Eye of Tyr damage by 150% when attacking players (was 300%)
    • Scarlet Inquisitor’s Expurgation now increases Divine Storm damage by 3% per stack when attacking players (was 6% per stack)
    • The Dreadlord’s Deceit now increases the damage of Shuriken Storm by 6% per stack when attacking players (was 25% per stack)
    • Fiery Red Maimers now increase Maim damage by 165% when attacking players (was 500%)

What do you think to the upcoming hotfix? Are you glad the damage will be decreased? Let us know below.

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Source: Blizzard Entertainment

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