Battlefield V Weekly Debrief Summarizes the Week’s Big News, Next Week Plans Announced

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Another week is over, and that means DICE has once again posted the studio’s “Weekly Debrief” which includes a summary of the important Battlefield V news the studio has released so far.

Important to note that next week, we’ll see Battlefield V get early access! So make sure to check back for the deluge of Battlefield V info sure to drop once that happens.

Communications Archive for Week of October 29th

Sneak Peak into Communications Roadmap for Week of November 5th

  • Coming Next Week
    • Launch
      • November 9th – Battlefield V Early Access Begins on Origin Access and EA Access
    • Trailers
      • Battlefield V Official Launch Trailer
    • Blogs
      • Battlefield V PC Player’s Guide – Prepare your best rig and reap the benefits of Battlefield on PC. (Rescheduled.)
      • How to Play Grand Operations – Pro tips from our DICE developers on how to play Grand Operations.
      • Battlefield V Overview – Covering everything that BFV has to offer at launch.
      • New to Battlefield V? Here’s Where You Should Start – Beginners guide to BFV.
      • Battlefield V Bootcamp – Series of tips and tricks to help you on the Battlefield.
    • Articles
      • Battlefield V Launch Notes – Comprehensive rundown of all of the changes and improvements we’ve made to Battlefield V since Open Beta.
    • Videos
      • Battlefield V Dev Talks #7: Grand Operations – An insider look at the development of one of the new fan favorite modes, Grand Operations.
      • Surprises coming!

Community Feedback Cycle on This Week’s Communications

  • Blog Feedback – The Progression System & Economy of Battlefield V
    • Progression Trees
      • Can we reset our progression trees? If so, when can we do that?
      • Ryan McArthur (Producer): You can reset Progression spec trees once that weapon or vehicle reaches rank 4.
      • Will we be able to upgrade and unlock new weapons while on the server instead of having to quit to the main menu?
      • RM: As a new round begins, you will be granted any unlocks you’ve earned from the previous round. You will be able to purchase spec choices during the pre-round phase before the match starts.
      • Will a player with a fully unlocked weapon or vehicle have a distinct advantage over someone who just started playing?
      • RM: Weapons in Battlefield V are intended to be balanced so each perform different, but none should have a distinct power. However, at launch the default weapon for each class will come fully speced out so all players have access to 1 fully speced weapon for each class.
    • Tides of War
      • Once a chapter ends, are we not able to unlock gameplay items introduced in that chapter? Will that opportunity to unlock have passed?
      • RM: Gameplay items missed in any chapter will be reseeded into the game in various ways, so players will always be able to earn those gameplay items they may have missed.
    • Unlocks
      • Is there anything you can buy with Battlefield Currency that you can’t unlock with Company Coin?
      • RM: Some cosmetic items will be Battlefield Currency only.
      • Will we be able to buy Company Coin with real money or is it strictly grind currency?
      • RM: No. You can only get it by grinding.
      • Is every cosmetic item available to purchase with Company Coin?
      • RM: No.
    • Currency
      • Will special assignments award Company Coin or Battlefield Currency? If the latter, great! If the former, isn’t that still providing players the option to “pay to get ahead” in that they’ll be able to buy more upgrades faster because they have a larger source of Company Coin income?
      • RM: They grant many different things including XP, Coins, and Items, but will not drop Battlefield Currency. It shouldn’t be an advantage as all players have access to various assignments.
  • Blog Feedback – Play Battlefield V First with Origin Access Premier
    • Deluxe Edition
      • Will the 20 airdrops that Deluxe Edition players get have cosmetics that only DE players can get?
      • RM: Yes.
      • Will the Tides of War bring cosmetics that only Deluxe Edition players can get?
      • RM: No, Tides of War cosmetics are for everyone who participates in that Tides of War.
  • Blogs Feedback – The Maps of Battlefield V
    • In-Game Hardware
      • Can you give us a bit more info about the number of tanks, planes, reinforcement slots and transport vehicles on each map?
      • Matthias Wagner (Level Designer): Below are the vehicle overviews per map, per team.

Make sure to regularly check MP1st’s Battlefield V hub for the freshest news! And make sure to check out our first look at the game’s Final Stand gameplay!

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