Latest Destiny Data-Mine Reveals Possible House Of Wolves Content

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Digging deep into the game files of Bungie’s shared-world shooter following its most recent update, which launched earlier today, Reddit user “ShdwFlm” appears to have discovered nearly all of the upcoming content being added in Destiny’s upcoming House of Wolves DLC.

Spoiler alert, for those sensitive to it.

Officially, we know Expansion II will expand the game with “a wealth of weapons, armor, and gear to earn in new story missions, three new competitive multiplayer maps, and a new cooperative Strike,” according to the add-on’s official description. It will also introduce a new competitive elimination mode to the Crucible, including the 3v3 Trials of Osiris, as well as an all-new arena activity called The Prison of Elders.

Below are the notes ShdwFlm highlighted in his post which get a little more specific with the type of new content Guardians will have to look forward to on May 19:

  • “Two Social Spaces. The one in the Reef is now called Queen’s Bay where you “collect Reef bounties, forge new allegiances and test themselves in the Prison of Elders and Trials of Osiris”. There’s also Halls of Amentet, a totally-new social space which seems to require experience in Trials of Osiris.”
  • “1 Strike. The new Nightfall / Heroic is The Shadow Thief which takes place on the Moon. You need to board the Ketch of notorious mercenary Taniks-Syn, and eliminiate him & his strike force.”
  • “3 Story Missions. Start searching on Earth, then travel to Venus.”
  • “3 Quests. These are usually what we get from a Vendor.”
  • “1 ‘Raid’, The Prison of Elders. Pits you against ‘the solar system’s deadliest enemies,’ meaning there could be a lot of enemy variation – presumably not just Fallen!”
  • “3 PVP Maps, but 5 mentioned. It’s doubtful that we’ll get to see Black Shield, but worth knowing we may visit one of Mars’ moons at some point. ‘MM TEST FACTORY’ sounds amusing!”
  • “(Not sure if the PVP Mode information is anything new or worthwhile; likely not.)”
  • “About 46 Ship Schematics were added, incl. an Exotic one Manus Celer Dei and 5 Red & Black ones.”
  • “Bungie keeps poking around the data for Treasure Maps, but all the data’s still broken”
  • “There’s some broken data about destination_faction_rasputin0 and “destination_crypto”

You can also read up on all of the activity descriptions by reading the full thread on Reddit.

It’s likely the data is fairly accurate, as it was just recently added to the game. But as with most leaked information, it’s still subject to change, so don’t take these findings and a promise from Bungie.

Look forward to more official details to be released throughout the coming weeks, including a look at how weapons and gear will be upgraded, a sneak peek at The Trials of Osiris, and a first look at The Prison of Elders.