Latest PS5 News Mention New 100GB Discs, USB Type C Confirmed & More

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With today’s big PS5 release window news out of the way, it looks like we still have a lot of news regarding Sony’s upcoming console to wade through, as the latest PS5 news has made its way courtesy of WIRED’s feature on the console.

PlayStation 5

End of 2020 release window
No HDD, but with an SSD
Ray tracing directly on sound and graphics hardware
100GB optical disks (probably BD)
4K BD Player
Change in game installation
New interface, integrated with games and friends activities
DualShock 5 will have adaptive triggers, where the required pressure changes according to the game.
Better “vibration” on buttons and speaker on control for better effects
Gran Turismo Sport has been ported to the PS5
Charging with USB Type C, heavier than DS4 (but lighter than Xbox One) and larger battery.

In addition to that, video game insider Nibel has made a summary of sorts regarding the feature which you can check out below.

– Official name is PlayStation 5
– Ray tracing support is hardware based
– New SSD will help boot times, loading times and streaming
– Controller has now adaptive triggers, haptic feedback, new speakers, USB Type-C
– PlayStation 5 devkit is real and that developers already have access to both the devkit and the new controller
– better DS5 battery
– heavier than DualShock 4, but lighter than a XBO controller with batteries in it
– haptic feedback could have been included in the PS4 Pro but they decided against it
– Wired also seems to speculate that game installs will be more modular and that you can choose which parts to install/uninstall (SP/MP/both) They also mention a “completey revamped user interface” that allows you to join multiplayer activities instantly from the OS for example

Let’s hope we get the proper price point and hardware look soon too.

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