Cliff Bleszinksi on LawBreakers Going F2P: I Wouldn’t Rule It Out in the Future

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Much has been said regarding LawBreakers abysmal fan reception since release. While some games have come back from weak launches, LawBreakers‘ standing isn’t exactly something you’d call healthy. Case in point: over on SteamCharts, the game has a 24-hour peak of only 73 players for the day, with 51 currently playing.

While Boss Key Productions or studio boss Cliff Bleszinksi hasn’t said anything if LawBreakers will go f2p (free-to-play), that hasn’t been ruled out at all. Speaking to GameSpot, Bleszinksi talked a bit about the LawBreakers f2p model.

Before launch, you had the big news that switching from free-to-play to a premium product and I think now, some people have been suggesting or stating online, which doesn’t necessarily carry any weight, but that the game could be looking to go back to a free to play model. Is that something that’s on the table or no?

Cliff Bleszinksi: Which just boggles me, my brain because my … I’ve got a decent business sense. Especially when it comes to this industry. It’s gotten me fairly far. And under the assumption that games are expensive, 60 dollars is a lot of money. Even 100 dollars for all the special editions that you see coming out. And I was of the belief that $29.99, it’s a little bit over … It’s pretty much an impulse buy. And did it help? Did it hurt? Should it have gone free? Maybe. Would we consider experimenting with that in the future? I wouldn’t remove it from the table. But, I just … I don’t want to get down into sleazy free to play, as much as I want to keep this game afloat and with our, like I said, our fledgling community, I don’t want to get into Candy Crush type-tactics ’cause I just won’t be able to sleep at night and I don’t sleep well to begin with.

But yeah, I wouldn’t rule it out in the future, especially if we consider rolling the game out … Well, we’re considering in the future, rolling the game out in Asia. It’s one of those things that you almost have to do that in Asia, so we’ll be considering doing that, maybe one of those things if we do it there, would it make sense to roll it back out to the states? Possibly. But, I don’t want to start doing gun rentals any time soon in game.

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