Marvel’s Avengers Free-Roam Explained, Players Will Be Allowed to Fly “Everywhere”

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If you didn’t know this by now, Marvel’s Avengers game is not an open-world game. Instead, it opts for large hub zones that players will be able to complete main and side objectives along with a number of activities, including being able to free-roam in them. To explain what players can expect more, the game’s War Zone director, Philippe Therien opens up a bit on Marvel’s Avengers free-roam along with how characters can travel in the game.

Taking part in a recent Reddit Ask Me Anything (AMA), Philip confirmed that players will be able to free-roam between objectives, along with what kind of activities they can do.

Q: Are there going to be times where we can freely explore regions peacefully? Or is it just constant action?

A: In between objectives, you are absolutely free to roam as you please and look for points of interest around the level. These can be allies to rescue, bounty enemies, to defeat for loot, Hidden caches, secret AIM stockpiles of resources or you could raid AIM’s depots where they store gear! Typically those rewards are defended but you can roam around the environment without constantly fighting if you want to just admire the scenery or have fun doing traversal.

Q: When we deploy to a Warzone, how does it work? Will we be selecting a mission to pursue and then have free roam over the map until we complete the objective? Or can we select an option on the map to free roam the area without a mission objective? And can players split up from each other and go to different corners of the map on their own? Or do they have to stick together in a Warzone?

A: When you pick a mission and choose your hero, you will be inside that Warzone you selected until that mission is completed. You can explore up until the point where the final objective is completed, at that point we return to the Quinjet where you can select another mission.

Players can absolutely split up as they wish but keep in mind that if you go off alone, you could get overwhelmed by enemies!

Therien also confirmed that players can expect different types of regions, all while teasing that there are still more to come.

Region wise we will have Cities, Forests, Deserts, the Arctic, Underwater, In orbit and some others that aren’t revealed yet! Inside those regions you will see everything from wilderness to AIM structures and of course urban landscapes in cities.

Of course, with there being different heroes that can travel differently, one has to consider how they would balance things out as those who can fly could most likely reach an objective faster than those who can’t. Luckily Phil had an answer to this and confirmed that they have balanced the characters out in terms of speed when reaching objectives.

They are balanced to be able to cross the same distances in generally the same time with some differences of course but for those who aren’t flying they have acrobatic moves. Without giving too many spoilers…Hulk can jump, Widow has gadgets and Kamala…well she can stretch really good!

Along with this piece, he also confirmed that characters that can fly also aren’t restricted in terms of where they can fly (unless told otherwise), allowing players to even use flight mode while inside buildings.

You can fly everywhere including indoors and underground though the ceilings can be a bit lower inside you wont be forced to walk anywhere except for things like transitions between areas.

There you have it, that’s how Marvel’s Avengers free-roam works in the game. Are you glad to hear that they are ensuring a balance between the characters when it comes to movement? What about some of those free-roam activities? Don’t forget to check out the gameplay blow out this past week where we got to witness co-op gameplay, as well as a long gameply demo involving Thor.

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