Marvel’s Avengers Black Widow Character Spotlight and Details Released

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Crystal Dynamic shared some new Marvel’s Avengers details this week, focusing on the super spy Black Widow. Taking to Twitter, the official Marvel’s Avenger account released a series of posts detailing some fresh new information on the character, from her costume to gameplay, and even what we can expect from her during the story. You can read up on all the info below along with some videos focused around her.

Black Widow is a super spy, and her outfit is designed around her gadgets and her strong need for agility

She has more gadgets than any other hero in the game and they all need to be properly incorporated into her suit

After the events of A-Day, Black Widow slips back into the shadows. Despite saving numerous civilians, her failure to help Cap leaves her wracked with guilt, returning to a life of a lone-wolf spy.

We’re tackling elements of Black Widow’s leadership abilities. We really get to show Black Widow in her element. Embracing parts of her personality & skillset that may have been downplayed when the Avengers were together.

“Black Widow is a really complex and nuanced character; so it only makes sense that her gameplay and mechanics are designed in a way that compliments those aspects of her character,” reveals Vince Napoli, Lead Combat Designer at CrystalDynamic

“In a manner that is fitting of a trained assassin, Widow’s gameplay loop is all about creating & exploiting enemy vulnerabilities. Whether attacking enemies from behind or putting enemies into stun states that lead to quick take downs, playing Black Widow is about efficiency.”

“For example, when utilizing her grapple correctly, it’s both a pre-emptive defensive attack designed to counter enemies before they strike, as well as a move to initiate combat at large distances from the ground or in air.”

As versatile as she is deadly, Widow is just as effective from a distance as she is up-close and personal. “Regardless of how you choose to play Widow —whether you’re focusing on subterfuge or style, gadgets or guns— her combat and gameplay style always feels distinct.”


Exploding on impact with any surface or enemy, the sphere creates a small electrical hazard that will cause continuous damage to enemies within range. With one of the fastest cooldown times & the ability to store up to three charges, Widow’s Bite allows for flexibility in a fray.

With Natasha, stealth is the name of the game. Activating her Support Heroic ability will cloak her and any nearby team members in a field of invisibility. This allows them to take advantage of an enemy’s unaware state, performing critical attacks in saftey and with style. As for her third Heroic? Super-spy Natasha regularly plays cards close to her chest, so we’re following suit.

Of course there’s also a spotlight video showcasing her combat, though it’ll look familiar as its from the original gameplay reveal.

If you missed it, make sure to read up on last week’s character spotlight which focused on Iron Man. There’s also one for Captain America and Hulk, and we expect Thor spotlight posts to release next week.

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