Marvel’s Avengers Hulk Character Profile Video Shows What Happens When He Gets Angry

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With last week’s Marvel’s Avengers character profile kicking off with Captain America, we now have our second one  (which confirms Crystal Dynamics will show one each week), and this time, it’s the Hulk’s turn. Check out the Marvel’s Avengers game Hulk character profile video below.

In addition to that, the official Marvel’s Avengers account talked a bit about Hulk’s Heroic moves (Heroics are explained here), which sounds brutal.

Now that you know the basics of Hulk’s SMASHing approach to combat, let’s dive deeper into his heroic moves. As a refresher, each Avenger has three Heroics – support, assault, and ultimate – that operate on a cooldown timer.

Let’s start with Hulk’s Support Heroic – Boneshaker. When Dr. Banner relinquishes control of the demon within, the result is the catastrophic Boneshaker ability – he repeatedly slams his fists into the ground to taunt all challengers.

Hulk draws all nearby enemy attention (aggro) and is overcome with inner rage that bolsters his defensive strength. Teammates who witness this show of aggression gain their own gameplay buff so they can jump into the fray & fight alongside their gamma-fueled companion.

Gamma Rush – Hulk’s Assault Heroic – allows him to quickly smash his way through a group of enemies, using his Gamma Rush to become a human battering ram.

To add insult to injury, Hulk will grab the first enemy encountered during the attack and slam him into the ground at the end of the charge, inflicting massive damage & staggering nearby opponents.

How about Hulk’s Ultimate Heroic? Enemies outside of his immediate reach may think they’re safe, but they still have to contend with Hulk’s most powerful attack–the Thunderclap. When Big Green smacks his hands together it unleashes a shockwave of devastating, concussive force.

Anything caught in the blast is hurled backwards, flying through the air and clearing a path for Hulk to inflict even more damage to the next wave of combatants.
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