Report: Here’s a Look at the Upcoming Marvel’s Avengers Alternate Costumes Set to Be Revealed, Hulk Voiced by Three Actors

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Just yesterday, we got our first look at one of the Marvel’s Avengers alternate costumes for the game’s heroes in Captain America’s Secret Empire outfit. At the end of the video, we see a bunch of comic book covers blocked by the Secret Empire issue which teases that more Marvel’s Avengers game alternate costumes will be revealed soon.

Well, thankfully, we don’t have to wait long. Over on Reddit, user M1strMR posted what seems to be the covers of the comic books that are, for the most part, hidden from view, and posted the alternate costumes for each character that’s shown in that particular comic book cover.

Some of the alternate outfits images were from the San Diego Comic-Con leak, which explains the not-so-good quality. Of course, while these alternate outfits might have been spoiled already now, there’s more incoming after, as Marvel themselves confirmed that some of the outfits can be bought via the in-game marketplace (read: microtransactions).

In other Marvel’s Avengers news, the official Instagram account confirmed that the game’s version of Hulk will feature THREE voice actors! We even get a quick Q&A with Bruce Banner actor Troy Baker as well.


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Marvel’s Avengers uses THREE talented actors to bring The Hulk & his brilliant human counterpart to life! First up is industry-icon @officialtroybaker who lends his voice & performance to the contemplative Bruce Banner. Troy answered a handful of questions about the role, and touched on his extensive history as a Marvel fan. #FollowFriday Q: If you could have any super power, what would it be & why? A: Definitely control time. That or turning villains into tacos. Because…I mean, tacos. Q: What is your first memory with a Marvel comic book? A: Traveling with my dad on business trips. No matter what town you can always find a comic book store. I’d read as many books as I could before getting caught & being made to choose between lunch or buying the next issue. I’d read it over & over until my dad came back to pick me up Q: What makes Hulk the most “super” & what makes him the most human? A: Super? Clearly the strongest. CLEARLY. THE. STRONGEST. And human? I feel he struggles the most with the duality that inherently comes with being a Super Hero. More than others he considers the human cost and social impact of his actions. Q: Bruce is often overshadowed by his big green alter-ego. How did you approach voicing Bruce Banner, since you had the ability to focus on just this facet of his personality? A: This story is unique. We really focus on who these people ARE, not just the powers they have. Action is in the explosion but drama is found in the aftermath. Playing Bruce in this space allowed me to explore him as a human and the weight he bears by being such a brutal force. Q: How does your portrayal of Bruce Banner differ than that of previous incarnations of this iconic character? A: Bruce sits at the emotional core of our story. His relationships with the characters, which is often tenuous, spotlights his inner struggle. We’ve carefully crafted an arc for Bruce that simultaneously recalls fan favourite storylines and builds upon them.

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In other Marvel’s Avengers news, go check out this quick montage showcasing some of the game’s moves that were copied from the MCU. Make sure to check out official gameplay as well.

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