Marvel’s Avengers HUD Shown Off, Enemy Health Bars and Damage Counters Confirmed

Marvel's Avengers Beta Walkthrough Video Gives a Taste of What's Coming, Beta Reward Announced

At this year’s Tokyo Game Show, Square Enix brought gameplay footage of the upcoming Marvel’s Avengers title set to hit next year. Don’t get too excited, though, it’s the same gameplay footage the publisher released a few weeks ago, but this time, we see how the Avengers game HUD looks like!

Check out the gameplay video below where you can see the HUD where it shows a bar under the player health, tutorial pop up on center, and even mission requirements on the left.

Here’s a screenshot of it (via Reddit):

In addition to that, we now know that enemies will have health bars, and we can see damage counters as well when enemies get hit. Here’s some of the other new stuff from the video (via Reddit user empw):

  • DOZENS of suits. DOZENS. From movies, comics, and their own thoughts. It sounded to me like it was dozens per character but I don’t want to confirm that yet.
  • The game ships with more than 5 playable characters. We know Kamala is one for sure. Wonder who else.
  • They mentioned fan-service being a big part of the game. I love to be catered to.
  • Hulk can punch! Shout out /u/ItIsABear for his write up.
  • Enemy has health bars and there is a damage counter. Not sure how I feel about the health bars, in this it really took me away from the immersion. I’m sure I’ll get used to it but would love the option to turn it off.
  • New characters and details Soon TM

In other Marvel’s Avengers news, it’s been announced that a prequel comic series will kick off just for the game! You can read up on details regarding that here.


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