Marvel’s Avengers Game New Images Shows Graphical Improvements and Alternate Costumes

avengers game new images

For those who weren’t to fond of the visuals for Square Enix’s Marvel’s Avenger game, you may be happy to know that as promised, the team is working on improving the visuals as shown in these leaked Marvel’s Avengers game new images from the Marvel SDCC panel.

During the original E3 reveal, many fans had voiced their dislike over how some of the characters looked, more specifically Black Widow. Given it’s not due for quite some time, now we knew the game was in the early alpha stage of development, meaning the team still had a ways to go before giving us a final product. And while we haven’t gotten any actual gameplay footage shown yet, attendees of this years San Diego Comic Con were given a new look at the demo during the SDCC event along with some additional teases in terms of content for the game. One noticeable change though that viewers quickly pointed out  was the visual model for Black Widow, with many agreeing that it had been an improvement fro the prior E3 event.

While it may not be the best quality image out there, you can definitely make out some of the small changes, especially near the eyes and chin. They’re small changes, but they are an improvement nonetheless. A few of the attendees themselves even admit that she looks different.

“They did update it. And that’s the keyword: update. They didn’t change her face or anything just edited it” Said Reddit user CaptainPhantasma21, while another Reddit who was also at the event stated that she looked hotter and had major improvements.

Along with this fresh look at Black Widow we have also gotten our first look a some of the alternate costumes that’ll be available. During the panel, the team showed off different costumes for each character although at the time of writing this, only the Hulk costumes have leaked online, courtesy of the Avengers subreddit.

First one is a Mr Joe Fixit costume, although the Hulk doesn’t appear to be sporting the Grey color he is in the least wearing the outfit.

The next one many aren’t sure of where its from, though it is speculated its his appearance that he made in the House of M comics.

What do you think of these changes so far? For those looking for actual gameplay, we’ll have wait near the end of next month to see it according to Marvel.
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4 years ago

Black Widow’s face model now looks tolerably better ?

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