Marvel’s Avengers Issues After Latest Patch Includes Crashing, Missing Credits & More (Update)

Marvel's Avengers Issues

In case you didn’t know, Crystal Dynamics has released what is possibly the biggest content drop for Marvel’s Avengers today with the Klaw Raid, alongside Spider-Man for PlayStation gamers, and a ton of reworks. However, it hasn’t exactly been a smooth patch rollout, as there are a short (but important) list of Marvel’s Avengers issues after the November 30 title update.

Crystal Dynamics has acknowledged the issues today as well:

Marvel’s Avengers Issues After Latest Patch (November 30):

Update: Crystal Dynamics has posted an update regarding more issues that stemmed from this November 30 patch, and this includes issues with Hawkeye’s Civil War Starter Pack.

We’ll update the post as more news develops.

We are aware of the following issues and are investigating:
– A crash that occurs when certain comics are rewarded
– Spider-Man’s Marketplace isn’t showing up
– Credits may not appear in inventory after purchased
– Still working on the Windows 10 patch

Spider-Man’s Marketplace is up.
We are aware of a different Marketplace issue, wherein the screen hangs on a “Downloading required updates” message, which we are investigating.

In addition to that, the v2.2 patch rollout for PC has been postponed for tomorrow as well.

Where is the Marvel’s Avengers v2.2 PC Patch?

Crystal Dynamics has confirmed that there is an issue with the PC version of the patch, which has prompted the studio to release the title update tomorrow instead of today.

Due to an issue that was discovered on the Windows PC build, patch 2.2 will now be published tomorrow on Windows PC. We apologize for the inconvenience, but need to ensure the issue was properly taken care of before publishing.

As for the other issues plaguing the game, Crystal Dynamcis has posted a list of known issues and its workarounds alongside today’s official patch notes, which we’ve included below.

  • The Lethal Conduit perk (found on Discordant Gear) grants the Sonic Conduit buff to all nearby allies upon defeating an enemy with an active Vibranium Status effect. This perk is not working consistently right now, and we are investigating.
  • Black Widow has dyed her hair brown for the Winter when wearing her Monatomic Outfit. Rest assured, she will be back to her neon red color soon.
  • Gear dismantled in player’s Gear Locker still refund resources that are no longer used. This is a visual bug. The proper amount of Fragments and modules are still being dropped. We are working on a fix for this.
  • There is another visual bug where gear in a player’s Gear Locker will show the old upgrade system. Any gear put into the Locker will show the old system and removing gear from the Locker will show the correct new upgrade system. We are investigating this.
  • Any previously upgraded gear has a chance to drop old resources when dismantled. This is a visual bug, as you get proper Fragments, but old resources may show up in the resource feed. We are investigating a fix for this.
  • In the Control Tower Traversal section of the Raid, a black sphere appears after Iron Man shoots a Klaw Company Bruiser with his Repulsors with the Muon Reverberator gear perk equipped. The Iron Man player is unable to see the black sphere appear. The black sphere eventually disappears after some time.
  • The Marketplace preview image for the Spider-Man Emote “Aww Shucks” is incorrect, and currently shows the “Apple Toss” Emote instead. You will get the proper “Aww Shucks” Emote if you purchase.
  • In the final phase of the battle against Klaw in Discordant Sound, whenever Klaw slams his cannon onto the main platform, several giant flying rocks appear, obstructing vision. This happens when Graphics Mode is set to Highest Quality. We advise using a different Graphics Mode for the time being.
  • When dismissing the Gear Upgrade tutorial, if the Shipments Refreshed message is present before entering the Character Menu, the game becomes completely unresponsive to input. Restarting the game will fix this. This issue can be avoided by opening the Character Menu when the Shipments Refreshed menu appears.
  • In the Japan region, the Rise and Shine

If we get a new patch to fix some of the issues revealed by Crystal Dynamics, we’ll be sure to let our readers know.

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