Marvel’s Avengers Legacy Outfits Gets Showcased

Square Enix has given us a fresh look at the Marvel’s Avengers Legacy Outfits, which is available exclusively for those who pre-order the game.

For those who don’t know, the Legacy Outfits are costumes inspired by the defining moments that made each Avengers what they were today. Down below we get a look at the Hulk, Captain American, and Black Widow’s Legacy Outfits along with a short description of the moment that they were taken from. As for Thor, Iron-Man, and Ms. Marvel, those were shown off last week, which you can view here: Marvel’s Avengers Legacy Outfits

Attention! Celebrate Captain America’s Front Line Outfit, which is inspired by his time enlisted in the military during World War II!

When the Hulk first emerged after an experiment gone wrong, his gargantuan body tore through Bruce Banner’s clothing. We’ve included his tattered tee in our Breakthrough Outfit.

Along came the Classic Stealth Outfit! The first time Black Widow’s iconic black suit appeared in the comics, it looked similar to this sleek ensemble – complete with the Widow’s Bite.

And that’s it for all the Legacy Outfits, though we do expect to see some more costumes (Obsidian, Outback Hulk, and more)  to be showcased throughout the year leading to launch. With E3 still on course to happen this June, hopefully, we will get a new trailer along with details on the beta that is still planned to happen. We’ll be sure to keep you all posted.

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