Marvel’s Avengers Next Update Out This Coming Week & Will Include a Surprise, Black Panther Getting Nerfed

Marvel's Avengers Update 1.77

With Crystal Dynamics confirming that future content is on the way for Marvel’s Avengers, it’s not surprising to hear that the studio is hard at work supporting the game. Case in point: in the latest devstream, the studio announced that the Marvel’s Avengers next update is scheduled to drop sometime next week, and it’ll come with a surprise!

According to the studio, the incoming patch will include bug fixes, and even nerfs to Black Panther! Players can also expect Thor’s MCU skin cape to be fixed as well. It seems that a new daily and weekly mission chain will be rolled out with this patch as well, where players can obtain some resources. Here’s a recap from a Marvel’s Avengers fan account,


Unfortunately, Crystal Dynamics has refrained from sharing more on what this surprise is. Perhaps a new event? A new mission? New resource giveaway? Your guess is as good as mine at this point.

Same as always, once we know of the patch, we’ll be sure to let our readers know. Bookmark our Marvel’s Avengers game hub to know about the latest patch. Chances are, this will be out on Tuesday, or Thursday.

If you want to watch the entire dev stream, head on below where Marvel’s Avengers content creator laajune talks to Philippe Therien, War Zone Director for Marvel’s Avengers.

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2 years ago

This says some gear that was to much damage is getting fix. How you get black panther is getting nerfed from that??

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