Marvel’s Avengers Upcoming Update Out July 27, Brings Omega-Level Threat & More

Marvel's Avengers updated roadmap

The next upcoming Marvel’s Avengers update has been revealed, and it’s quite a big one as it will introduce for the first time in the game, Omega-level threats. As announced by Crystal Dynamics, the upcoming Marvel’s Avengers update will introduce a few major new content and feature drops. The first being the long awaited omega-level threat, which will be a variation of the Family Reunion mission from the Taking Aim Operation (Kate Bishop DLC). 

According to Crystal Dynamics, this version will be far more difficult, as modifiers such as e Attrition, Overshield, Meridian, and Supercharged will be activated, and that players will be required to have at least a minimum of 145 or over for power level. Completing this Omega-Level Threat mission will reward players with high-end gear, which can be earned once a week per account. They are exploring options to expand this to all characters in the future.

Marvel’s Avengers Upcoming Update for July 27 Preview:

As for what those rewards are?

Marvel’s Avengers Omega-Level Threat Rewards

Weekly Completion Rewards

  • Omega Exotic Gear (Melee/Ranged)
  • Omega Exotic Gear (Defense/Heroic)
  • 1 Epic Cosmic themed Minor Artifact
  • 25 Polychoron
  • 50 Upgrade Modules

Subsequent Completion Rewards

  • 1 ISO-8
  • 10 Upgrade Modules

Omega Set Description

Rarity: Exotic

Preferred Attributes: Might, Precision, Proficiency, Resolve

Preferred Status Effects: Cosmic, Pym, Cryo

Common Cosmic Perks:

  • Cosmic Aura – Generate a temporary aura of Cosmic energy that restores Willpower for any teammates within range.
  • Cosmic Surge – Dealing damage while the buff is active restores a small amount of Willpower and Heroic energy.
  • Cosmic Payload – Launch a Payload missile that deals Cosmic damage to target.

Other Notable Perks:

  • Cosmic Lethal Empowerment – Chance to grant a burst of Intrinsic energy when defeating an enemy under the Cosmic status effect. This is the first time this Perk will be available.
  • Cryo Lethal Protection – Chance to grant a defense buff when defeating an enemy under the Cryo status effect. This is the first time this Perk will be available.
  • Reactive Payload – Chance to launch an explosive payload missile at the enemy hitting you upon taking damage.

Omega Set gear lacks dedicated defense buffs, damage buffs, or Standard Heroic regen perks in favor of triggered Perks and Cosmic damage improvement.

  • Along with Cosmic Perks from the Cosmic-themed Minor Artifacts, this set is heavily based on players triggering extra Cosmic effects and capitalizing on them.
  • The status pool is smaller to focus on synergistic perks like the one for Cryo which also happens to be the only standard defense buff in this set.
  • This set’s melee and ranged gear can roll with 2 status perks of the same type, but the first slot can also roll stun and crowd control Perks.
  • The Heroic slot will always roll with perks triggering off of Cosmic damage or being hit with Cosmic damage. The defense slot has many options to resist Cosmic damage or triggering Cosmic surge from most actions including being revived. Note: this is the first time Perks will be triggered upon being revived.

This isn’t the only thing coming in this update, as the developers also confirmed that they adding multiplayer to Mega Hives. Yep, no more having to run through these alone as you will now be able to grind through the multi-objective mode with friends. All we can say is, it’s about damn time!

As a final announcement, the team also revealed that this update will enable the ability to play as the same hero as others permanently. This feature was previously seen in the Tachyon Anomaly event that happened a bit back. Glad to see it’ll be staying for good this time around.

And that’s all the major content coming in next week’s Marvel’s Avengers update. As always, there will be a full patch log available once the patch is live, so stay tuned for here on MP1st for the latest and most accurate patch posts.

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