Marvel’s Avengers Upcoming Update Set for Next Week, Here’s a Patch Preview

Marvel's Avengers Upcoming Update

True believers, Crystal Dynamics has dated the Marvel’s Avengers upcoming update and it’s set for next week! Coming in on Tuesday, July 6, is a small patch that includes quite a number of fixes. While the studio hasn’t released the official patch notes yet, we do have a good-sized sample of what to expect.

UPDATE 6/7/21: If you’re looking for the official patch notes for the July 6 patch, head on over here! Yes, the patch is live on all platforms.

The patch preview was discussed by the studio during the past week’s devstream on Twitch. Head on below for the list of confirmed fixes incoming in a few days.

Marvel’s Avengers Upcoming Update Patch Preview for July 2021:

Scheduled release: Tuesday, July 6 (tentative given certification, etc.)

  •  Provide a fix for the vault onboarding mission
  •  Change Caps MCU suit shield to be repositioned on his back so the star is upright
  • Remove the defense buff in between missions
  • Make it so Monica can’t be shrunk anymore for the instant kill

In addition to that, Crystal Dynamics is also testing a fix for the Last Avenger Standing 14 floor Hive (it’ll be pushed out as soon as possible and doesn’t require a client-side patch). Hulk had a skill that was bugged where it gave him a 50% damage increase with the Thunderclap skill instead of 25% damage increase. This is why the Hulk seems weaker (this was aadded to the patch notes last week, and shouldn’t be considered a stealth change).

Once we have the full patch notes and the title update is out, we’ll be sure to let our readers know.

Thanks, Billyb311!

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