Modern Warfare Error 8192 Happening, Activision Investigating

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Heads up, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare gamers! With the other day’s Season 4 patch, it seems to have brought on a new issue with the game. A Modern Warfare error 8192 is happening to a lot of people right now according to reports.

Multiple people on the Modern Warfare subreddit have reported the issue and here’s a sample of it:

Does anyone else’s game constantly do this? It kicks me out of games and it’s not my connection because I can play any other game perfectly. Started when I updated to season 4 from modernwarfare

Error 8192? from modernwarfare

It seems this Modern Warfare error 8192 is happening to gamers regardless of platform. Fret not though, Activision is checking it out per the official Activision Support account:

We’re actively investigating an issue where some players are experiencing an error 8192 connecting to #ModernWarfare. Stay tuned for updates.

Once the issue is sorted, we’ll update the post. If you find a fix, share ’em in the comments or send us an email to help other gamers out.

In other Modern Warfare news, go check out the Season 4 roadmap right here. We’re on the lookout for datamined info and other leaks from Season 4, so make sure to stay locked in here on MP1st!

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