Modern Warfare Season 1 Patch Hidden Changes Revealed

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While we got a new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare patch just a few hours ago (which doesn’t do much), the big patch released yeterday brought in the Season 1 content, along with gameplay changes that were mentioned in the patch notes. Unfortunately, it seems Infinity Ward also made some Modern Warfare Season 1 hidden changes in the yesterday’s title update as well.

Over on the Modern Warfare subreddit, user FlyingFruitcake compiled some (we can’t say for sure if this is all) of the Modern Warfare Season 1 patch undocumented changes, and there’s a lot! There are playlist changes, weapon tweaks, and more, that weren’t mentioned in the patch notes or even hinted at. Note that these are not just made-up stuff as well, with some including video proof.

Modern Warfare Season 1 patch hidden changes (patch 1.10 & 1.11):

Patch 1.10 (Season 1 patch):

  •  Spawn in animation has been re-enabled as of patch 1.11
  • Increased XP necessary to rank up
  • FAL Fire Rate decreased
  • Increased Ground War vehicle spawn rate (can’t confirm nor deny)
  • Changed EOD Hack duration (video credit to Childish Lemonade)
  • Added Arklov Peak to Cyber Attack
  • Added Grind and Capture the Flag to leaderboards (will probably be released as gamemodes during Season 1)
  • Reduced MG34 damage (can’t confirm nor deny)
  • Added new class layouts in Gunfight
  • Added PlayStation exclusive challenges
  • VLK Optic no longer increases ADS speed on some weapons
  • Adjusted the damage bars for the M91 and PKM (original patch notes didn’t mention which LMGs)
  • Possible change to precision aim setting, but could be a bug
  • Added St. Petrograd to Survival Mode
  • Added ‘Operation Just Reward’
  • Added Atrium and Cargo to Gunfight
  • Added Reinforce, Grind, Infected and Gun Game in private matches
  • Removed Grazna Raid from 6v6 domination
  • Added Arklov Peak to HC Domination
  • Added new trials (don’t know how much or which ones)
  • Sticking a thermite to a riot shield will result in a kill, both with and without EOD on
  • Decreased Oden damage (at least in Spec Ops), might have increased recoil as well
  • Added new animation when calling in a nuke
  • Increased AK47 recoil (can’t confirm nor deny)
  • Adjusted cruise missile sensitivity (can’t confirm nor deny)
  • Added two new Classic Spec Ops missions (Pitch Black & Grounded)

Patch 1.11:

  • I guess this patch is mainly small bug fixes, as I can’t seem to find any adjustments besides store items.
  • Improved stability on Ground War matches
  • Re-enabled the spawn-in animation/birds eye camera in all gamemodes except Hardpoint/Headquarters

Note that this isn’t the first time a studio has rolled out “stealth nerfs” and changes in their games, though it is a little irritating seeing these things. Hopefully, Infinity Ward sees it and just lists all the changes when they release patches.

Are you annoyed or surprised by this or do you expect devs do these things in other games too? Let us know your thoughts below.

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