Monster Hunter World Iceborne Update 15.10 December 3 Patch Roars Out

Monster Hunter World Iceborne Update 15.10 December 3

True to their promise, Capcom has released the Monster Hunter World Iceborne update 15.10 December 3 patch, (MH World update 15.10), and it includes bug fixes, a bunch of monster tweaks, new quests and more! Head on below for the official patch notes.

Monster Hunter World Iceborne Update 15.10 December 3 Patch Notes (MH Wordl update 15.10):

Main Additions / Changes


  •  Artemis “Monster Hunter” Movie Quest has been added, and is available as event quests for a limited time.
    * To participate in the Artemis “Monster Hunter” Movie Quest, you must be Master Rank 1 or higher.
    * For details on the availability of the event quests, please check event schedule available on the official site, etc.
    * The Monster Hunter movie may be available at different times depending on your region. Please check the official website for more details.

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  •  New BGM can now be played in your room in Seliana.


  • The Red Dragon siege event will now feature 1 and 2 player scaling difficulty.
  • You will no longer be able to send or approve squad join requests.
    (If you are in the same Gathering Hub as a player, you can still join squads and send invitations.)
  • The following items can now be melded at the Elder Melder:
    – Spring Blossom Tickets, Summer Twilight Tickets, Autumn Harvest Tickets, Winter Star Tickets, and Appreciation Tickets.
  •  The following items can now be melded at the Elder Melder:
    – Full Bloom Tickets, Sizzling Spice Tickets, Fun Fright Tickets, Joyful Tickets, Gratitude Tickets.
    – VIP Full Bloom Tickets, VIP Sizzling Spice Tickets, VIP Fun Fright Tickets, VIP Joyful Tickets, and VIP Gratitude Tickets.

Bug Fixes and Balance Adjustments


  • Fixed a rare issue during the quests “The Black Dragon” and “Fade to Black” where guest players couldn’t return to camp.
  • Fixed an issue where after completing the special assignment “The Black Dragon”, if you don’t speak to the General while on an expedition afterwards, an exclamation mark would appear indefinitely on the mini-map when descending to Castle Schrade when joining the special assignment as a guest player.
  • Fixed an issue that caused a space to appear on the base of the Fatalis monster figure’s right wing.
  • Fixed an issue that occurs when playing offline in your Seliana room where an exclamation mark would appear next to the name of a decor category even if none of the individual decor items in that category have an exclamation mark.


  • Fixed an issue that caused Scarred Yian Garuga to become trapped or unable to land on certain terrain in the Ancient Forest.
  • Fixed an issue where if Fatalis is on top of a trap, the monster would not be affected by the clutch claw’s claw attack, parts could not be broken, it would not flinch from parts being damaged, it could not be knocked down by heavy weaponry, nor could it be afflicted with paralysis or sleep.


  • Updated the model of the Deathbow Vaal Velos bow and Blackveil Vaal Hazak layered weapon parts, as they were using the normal Vaal Hazak model and not Blackveil Vaal Hazak.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Safi α+ Layered Torso to stretch when it was equipped along with the Passionate Body α+ or Passionate Layered Chest armor on female characters.
  • Fixed an issue on male characters where the black pupil in the Dragonhide β+’s eye would disappear when the armor was equipped at the same time as other specific head armor.


  • In line with the event quests being available indefinitely, mentions of availability for the quests “The Evening Star”, “Dawn of the Death Star” and “Fade to Black” have been removed.
  • Fixed an issue where if you set comments for certain gestures from “Off” to “On”, the setting would change back to “Off” unintentionally if you go back to the title screen and load the data again.
  • Fixed an issue where item order would change unintentionally when equipping a loadout.
  • Other miscellaneous bug fixes have also been made.

Not bad for a game that’s not getting any new content drops, no? In other Monster Hunter news, Capcom has confirmed that Monster Hunter Rise will include global matchmaking!

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  1. This is excellent news. The game is already HUGE with so much contents that there’s no need for new DLCs at least until Monster Hunter World 2 comes out.

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