Watch Monster Hunter World Nergigante Slain in Under a Minute

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Monster Hunter World Nergigante slain in record time!

With Monster Hunter World being in the hands of the public for the past few weeks, the player base for the highly addicting game can agree on one thing: Nergigante is the toughest boss in the game (or one of the toughest). Due to his “Superman Dive” move having an abnormal hitbox that can also one shot you.

However, one brave soul is taking the fight back to Nergigante in a big way. A video surfaced of a YouTuber slaying this pesky Elder Dragon in less than a minute. Yes, you read that right. Someone managed to kill Nergigante in less than a minute.

You can catch the video of it below:

For those interested on what the build might be, Reddit user rednu23 posted what the person in the video used:

  • Cera Coilbender (weapon)
  • Dragonking Eyepatch A
  • Nergigante Mail B
  • Kaiser Vambraces B
  • Odagaron Coil B
  • Lavasioth Greaves B
  • Attack Charm III
  • Attack Up 4
  • Critical Eye 4
  • Weakness Exploit 3
  • Crit Boost 3
  • Stamina Surge 2
  • Bow Charge +
  • Spread Shots
  • Non Elemental Boost

Looking at the list of items, it seems that it would require a bit of grinding to achieve a similar build, as items such as the Cera Coilbender and the Non-Elemental boosts will require a farming and RNG to be on your side.

Craving more Monster Hunter World news? Feel free to read about our guide on Nergigante’s weakness and rewards.

Source: Reddit

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