Monster Hunter World Nergigante Weakness and Rewards

monster hunter world negrigante weakness

Monster Hunter World Negrigante weakness and more revealed!

With Monster Hunter World now a few weeks old, chances are, the dedicated players out there have already reached High Rank mode. But in order to surpass the High Rank cap, and dive into the real meat of Monster Hunter World, players need to to go through the badass dragon, Negrigante!

Slaying Negrigante is easier said than done, and this is where MP1st comes in! We’re here to talk about basic tactics about the angry dragon, and for those who want to know, the Monster Hunter World Negrigante weakness!

Monster Hunter World Negrigante Weakness

First off, Negrigante’s big weakness is the thunder element, with the dragon element coming in second. It might not look it since it’s not as obvious as say, using a water weapon against ice enemies, but there you go. Negrigante’s weakness is thunder, so make sure to farm a weapon that has good thunder damage.

In case you couldn’t see the image above, Negrigante’s horns are breakable (more on that later), tail is severable, and the beast has three weak points, which players should aim for to get maximum damage.

Tactics and General Tips

  • Negrigante has three main attacks: there’s the running attack that rushes at you with a lot of speed, and will knock you on your ass, there’s the spike shower that has limited range but does a ton of damage if it connects, and there’s the dreaded “psycho crusher” flying dive attack that has a HUGE hitbox and has spikes to boot! If you feel like you managed to roll out of his dive, but still got hit, that’s most likely the spikes. In addition to that, Negrigante also has standard attacks like swiping his tail, and more. His wings are also tools of destruction so don’t stick to close to it.
  • If you’re planning on imbibing potions, Demondrugs, or something, make sure to do it at a huge distance away, since Negrigante can close gaps super quick, and usually goes after those healing themselves.
  • Make sure to “stick and move” when it comes to attacks. By this, I mean not going all out in combos with long attack animations since Negrigante can stop it with any of his attacks, and he deals a lot of damage. Stick to hitting him, and moving away/evading. Better safe than sorry, folks!
  • Don’t bunch up with teammates. Most of Negri’s attacks target areas instead of specific players, so bunching together means he’ll most likely get a double stun.
  • Use flash pods and use them intelligently. If you have a mic, alternate using flash pods for when Negri’s about to fly away, or just being a pain in the ass.
  • Use mega barrel bombs if you can, and don’t forget, when a monster is sleeping, the first hit deals double damage, so make sure to place bombs on his head.
  • Don’t attempt Negrigante if your armor defense isn’t even in mid-50’s. If you’re planning on taking him on with low rank armor, or something you didn’t even upgrade, don’t. You’ll just end up being one-shotted and your teammates will hate you.
  • Negrigante’s sleeping area has two flashflies at the back, which will be accessible once he wrecks the stage. Use these wisely since this part also means you’re close to killing the beast.

Negrigante Rewards and Expectations

Players will be able to get a fair amount of Negrigante material every time he’s slain. Much like other Elder Dragons, Negrigante cannot be captured/trapped, which means if you want the good stuff, be prepare to sever his tail, or break his horns.

Speaking of which, the ever-elusive Negrigante gem, which is used for a lot of Rarity 7 and Rarity 8 weapons can be obtained by sheer luck, or by breaking off Negrigante’s horns. Even if you don’t see it physically drop during combat, it usually is part of the overall rewards.

The good thing with Negrigante’s materials is, it’s fairly easy to make his set armor. Expect to slay him at least 4-5 times to get a few pieces forged. Remember: there are two kinds of Negrigante armor, so choose wisely. His set bonuses are a self heal that triggers for attacking enemies. It’s nothing super significant, but it’s useful to have.

Also of note, Negrigante’s max defense can be boosted with armor spheres once you’ve killed off Xeno’jiva.

Well, there you have it! We hope this quick guide helps you in tackling this monster. and we’ll be back to cover tactics with the other Elder Dragons soon! If you have any tips in taking down Negrigante, share ’em in the comments!

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