‘MP1st Official’ Battlefield 3 Xbox 360 Server is Now Live

A good day on the Battlefield! MP1st has officially gone live with our Xbox 360 Battlefield 3 server. Make sure to search ‘MP1ST OFFICIAL’ in the server browser and add it to your favorites. We will be featuring a mix of Conquest, Rush and TDM game modes but will also be mixing it up often for some fun times and special events.

What these special events might be, we don’t know yet. That’s why we want to hear from you, in the comments below. What kind of server set-ups would you like to see? TDM only? Epic, vehicular battles? Back to Karkand Conquest all day long? Let us know!


Make sure to follow MP1st on Twitter and Facebook so we can let you know when we’ll be hopping on with readers or changing up server settings! We’ll definitely be starting up some fun games this Easter weekend, so keep an eye out. In addition to the comment section below, you can also send feedback or report issues to @N7Veselka on Twitter.

For our PS3 readers, make sure to check out TheEnd‘s PS3 Battlefield 3 server. Search ‘Rush ONLY | Large Maps ONLY’ and add to your favorites!

See you on the Battlefield!

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