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Battlefield Hardline’s First Title Update Will Bring Private Servers To Consoles News 14

News 14 Battlefield Hardline is getting the attention it deserves nearly one month after launch. Visceral Games Lead Multiplayer Designer on the project, Thad Sasser, has provided fans with more details on the game’s first title update, coming soon, in the form of a ‘Top 5 Community Most Wanted List’. The following items are what will be […]

Battlefield 3 – DICE Adds More Official Servers To Console Server Browser News 33

News 33 A few days ago, Global Community Manager at DICE, Daniel “zh1nt0” Matros addressed the growing concern of the lack of Official DICE servers on the console version of Battlefield 3, stating, “I’ve heard [the concerns] for a while now and the feedback has gotten louder.” Since the introduction of the ability to rent Private Servers […]

Where Did All The Battlefield 3 Official DICE Servers Go on Console? DICE CM Answers News 89

News 89 The biggest question we’ve been hearing from much of Battlefield 3’s console audience is, “where did all the DICE servers go?” This is in reference to the official DICE servers whose titles usually begin with ‘-[DICE]-‘ and are usually centered around regular game rules and set-ups, providing a typical and expected Battlefield 3 experience which […]

‘MP1st Official’ Battlefield 3 Xbox 360 Server is Now Live News 67

News 67 A good day on the Battlefield! MP1st has officially gone live with our Xbox 360 Battlefield 3 server. Make sure to search ‘MP1ST OFFICIAL’ in the server browser and add it to your favorites. We will be featuring a mix of Conquest, Rush and TDM game modes but will also be mixing it up often […]

Battlefield 3 PS3 Private Servers Being Unexplainably Removed From Administrators News 49

News 49 We have been receiving incoming reports of Battlefield 3 console players (limited to PS3 users at the moment) that private servers are being unexplainably removed from the hands players even after having paid for them. Upon further investigation into the Battlelog forums, thanks in part to Mark for sending in the tip, it seems that […]

Battlefield 3 Console Server Guide by Leutin09 News 13

News 13 Since the latest Battlefield 3 PS3 patch, many will have noticed that console players now have the ability to rent their very own private servers, much like their PC brethren. Of course, this feature will be available in the upcoming Xbox 360 patch as well. While a very welcome and valuable addition, there still are […]

BF3 – 5 Flag Wake Island Details, Adding More Private Servers This Week, and Shortcuts Bundles Revealed News 86

News 86 Tommy Rydling, aka H Brun, has revealed more information on the 5-flag Wake Island variant and console private server rentals, which were both added through patch 1.04 on PS3. Also, he announced shortcut bundles to buy in the PSN store. With fan feedback on Back to Karkand in mind, DICE has “added a 5-flag Conquest Assault variant for […]

Battlefield 3 to Recieve Three Expansion Packs – Close Quarters, Armored Kill, and End Game Announced News 103

News 103 EA announced today that Battlefield 3 will receive three expansion packs throughout the year; the expansion packs are subtitled, Close Quarters, Armored Kill, and End Game. After going Back to Karkand, Battlefield 3 players can expect three more expansion packs for Battlefield 3. As Patrick Bach reiterate DICE’s desire to make expansion packs rather than map pack by stating, “instead […]

Battlefield 3 Spectator Mode: “There Hasn’t Been a Definitive No” and More on Private Servers News 50

News 50 Though it’s been a while since we’ve heard anything about the possibility of a spectator mode or private matches making their way to Battlefield 3, some recent mumblings have been noted between the community and members of the DICE team. While there still no confirmation on any sort of spectator mode becoming a reality, Daniel […]