MW3 Patch Details – PS3 Theater Update, Matchmaking and Shotgun Tweaks

We recently listed some updates that are currently in the works for Modern Warfare 3 which you can read here, including a specific PS3 patch. However, this list has recently been updated and also includes another PS3 patch note that is slated for release this January. The additional notes are as follows:

  • Several improvements to theater cued up for January release including HD rendering on PS3 (allegedly patch 1.08).
  • Improvements to “weighted matchmaking” to improve games for regions with low populations.
  • Fix for Shotgun’s with Extended Mags (Prevents them from shooting more pellets than intended).

PS3 users have been inquiring about HD rendering for some time now, so it should prove to be a nice addition. Currently, users are finding that when Extended Mags are attached to a shotgun, it not only increases the magazine size, but also the number of pellets per cartridge, which was unintentional. Besides the PS3 theater update, none of these fixes have been dated. Make sure to stay tuned to MP1st for further details! For now, check out the first image and some details of Modern Warfare 3’s first DLC arriving this January for Xbox 360 Elite owners first.

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